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T-Shirt Printing And Caps Embroidery In Singapore

At Tshirt-sg.com, we customized t-shirts to our clients’ requirements. From the design of the t-shirts to the materials and printing, we look into various aspects for our clients.

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T-Shirt Printing Cost Saving Tips

Are you trying to figure out how to reduce your t-shirt printing cost so as to get the t-shirts printed within your budget? Do not fret; follow our six tips to reduce the printing cost of your t-shirts now!

1)Reduce The Number Of Printing Colours

The printing cost for your corporate t-shirts would depend very much on the complexity of the print job. Simply by reducing the number of printing colours involved, you can lower your printing cost.

2)Reduce The Number Of Printing Locations
More printing locations would increase the printing cost. Most company opt for either a front chest logo printing or embroidery. If you have more budget to work with, you can consider adding graphics to back and the sleeve area.

3)The Printing Size
A large printing area would require a much larger set up cost and more ink to be used during the printing. Hence, reduce the printing area would cut the set up cost and also fewer ink will be used.

4)Increase Your Customized T-Shirts Quantity
By increasing your purchase quantity, it allows the set up cost to be spread among the t-shirts and it can drastically decrease the price per t-shirt.

5)Do Not Compromise On The Quality
Even though some t-shirts can appear to be very cheap. Always check the quality carefully, do not compromise with the quality of the t-shirts. Cheap t-shirts ultimately would give a lot of problems. It may wear and tear easily or after several washes o get loosen up real fast. It is necessary to check on the quality before purchase.

6)Choosing A Reliable T-shirt Supplier
Choose the best company that guarantees t-shirt and printing quality. At Tshirt-sg.com, we work to ensure that you can the best value for your t-shirts printing in Singapore.

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